Thanksgiving Thoughts

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Back when I was working as a brakeman/conductor for Burlington Northern Railroad, it was this time a year that I got the busiest. When you were on the extra board, you were called the most during holidays and bad weather. I think I worked every Christmas and New Year’s, and probably Thanksgiving also, when I was a brakeman.

It was all part of the job.

So it was kind of neat when I was driving through North Dakota this past July and I saw one of my old locomotives that I worked. We were supposed to write down the numbers of the locomotives that we worked in our little United Transportation Union notebook to make sure that we were paid for each run we made.

As a result, I remember many of the numbers and as I drove by the grain facility in Crystal, North Dakota, I turned around to go look at the locomotive. It even looks like it’s in action, doesn’t it? See Link above for the pictures!

I was rarely furloughed during the winter and holiday months – it was usually in the summer when most people wanted to work because that was the nicest time of the year in North Dakota. Oh, those were the days!



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!