The Texas Bullet Train May Be in Trouble

In an article today in PJ Media, they report that the bullet train is facing dire times and has laid off the majority of its staff, at least partly because of the coronavirus. They have also applied for federal coronavirus aid. Is it doomed?

For those of you not familiar with the Texas bullet train, legally known as the Texas Central Railroad, it was set up to build a roughly 300 mile line between Dallas and Houston with at least some of the right away being built in the median of Interstate 45 which runs between Dallas and Houston. Good idea so far, right?

Not so fast! When the railroad decided to deviate away from the interstate and run the line through the Texas countryside, it ran in to big-time snags. All of a sudden, people on farms, ranches and in small communities did not want a train blasting through at 200 mph destroying their serenity and providing no perceived value to them. Lawsuits ensued.

Some time ago, I met with the general counsel of Texas Central to discuss possibly helping them with right-of-way acquisition. Nothing came of it however, but I was intrigued. I thought it was a good idea then and I still do today. It’s a nightmare to drive to Houston from Dallas and return, and not much better flying. A high-speed train could really fill a market niche.

What does everyone think? And welcome aboard to my new subscribers!

Here’s a link to the article about Texas Central.

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