The Way It Was in Enosburg Falls

When I go to Vermont, I’ve often found myself driving through the small town of Enosburg Falls. It’s a quaint little town (of course there are no big cities in Vermont) and I often stop at the ice cream shop for a maple creamy – ice cream made with maple syrup. As I drive through the town I can see the old railroad crossings that shows that the railroad, the old Central Vermont, meandered through Enosburg Falls. Of course the tracks have long since disappeared and now the old right-of-way is a hiking and bike trail.

As I’ve driven through the town I’ve often wondered what it was like back in the golden days of railroading when steam locomotives came through. Imagine my delight when I found this picture of a CV steam locomotive in Enosburg Falls. It’s exactly like I pictured it, almost a Norman Rockwall kind of picture!

While I often wish that I grew up in that time, I’m happy I didn’t. In 1962 my appendix burst as a child and I was only saved through modern medicine. Not sure that I would’ve survived in 1935!

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